想要搬进一个新的公寓出租单元或你已经购买的房子? This moving checklist and gameplan should help make things easier for you


你知道吗? 八分之一的美国人 think that Moving is more stressful than going to jail? 是的,你没听错! 事实上,许多研究表明,运动会使身心疲惫. 

这就是为什么在搬进去之前和搬进去期间制定一个行动计划是很重要的. 这种方式, once you move into your new house or apartment rental, 你可以充分享受它所有的便利设施.

So keep reading to learn how to move the right way.

How to Prepare for an Apartment Rental or New Home

租房中介会很有帮助的. 然而,一旦你找到了你的梦想租赁,一切都在你的手中. So the first thing you want to do after signing a lease with 物业管理 是开始找搬家公司了吗.

You should look at at least 5 or 10 companies. 这样,你可以得到最好的交易. When inquiring about prices, ensure you ask for accurate quotes. 很多时候,公司只会根据变化的因素报价. So, ensure you know how much you are paying before doing so.

Find Movers That Offer Refundable Deposits

Most movers will ask you for a deposit in order to save you a spot. A deposit also saves the company if you cancel last minute. 这些存款可能会变得非常昂贵. But you can avoid this by hiring a company that does refundable deposits.

Some companies may have higher deposits if they are refundable. However, in the long run, you will pay a lot less!

Start Preparing for the Move Mentally and Physically

租赁代理或租赁代理会鼓励大多数搬家者提前3个月准备搬家! 悦博娱乐网经纪人会这样说,因为在房屋销售时有许多重要的因素要考虑.

第一个阶段是清理阶段. The clean-out phase can take a week or so depending on your estate.

如果你要缩减开支,你将不得不安排好你的一些物品. 例如, do you plan on throwing your items away, 捐赠他们, 销售, or maybe putting them in a storage facility? 

另一个要考虑的因素是你的身体是否能够打包和携带你的物品. 如果你身体残疾, you will need to hire a Moving company that also packs your belongings, 移动他们, 然后帮你打开.

Lastly, do you have the supplies to move your belongings? 即使你没有缩减规模,你也需要盒子、胶带和其他包装用品. 这些供应品可能会变得昂贵. So, ensure you have a set budget for these costs.


当你和租赁代理交谈时,他们会给你一些关于附近的信息. 这将帮助你了解学校、犯罪统计等信息.

So, start planning your life before Leasing a new place. 例如,如果你有年幼的孩子,开始让他们进入当地最好的学校. 你还应该记得让他们从现在的学校或日托中心取消注册.

During this time, it's important to discuss the move with your child. Moving will be just as stressful for them as it will be for you. 


美国.S Postal Service requires you to alert them to any addresses changes. 这种方式, you will void identity theft and stolen items. 所以,记得把你的地址改一下,这样重要的文件才能送到合适的地方.

Next, if you are Home Buying out of the state, you'll need a new license. 在一些州,你必须居住超过30天才能有资格获得驾照. However, we highly suggest you get it done sooner if it's possible.

After this, you'll want to set up your new bills. So, make sure you sign up for electricity, gas, cable, interns, etc. 你还应该确保在搬家前处理好所有未付的账单. 最后,如果你有任何订阅服务,确保你改变了地址.


如果你有一个悦博娱乐网经纪人,他们会要求你的老房子在你搬家后是像样的. 一定要修补好所有的墙壁,拆掉所有的支柱,清洁地板,清除污渍,并用吸尘器吸干净. 

You can do any "fixer-uppers" a week before the move. And then do a deep clean two days before the official move. By doing so, you will have less to worry about when the date gets closer.


The day before you move can be very stressful, which is why you shouldn't leave anything to the last minute. However, here are simple tasks that can be done the day before moving in!

First, your boxes should be all packed and ready to go for the movers. However, you can take it a step forward and write notes on the boxes. 例如, if the item is fragile or not.

Note if the item needs to be placed at a certain temperature. And you can even write down where you want this box to be placed. This will help the movers and anyone who assists in the move.

你还应该做一些最后一分钟的事情,比如把租来的东西放下,或者把你忘了的菜还给邻居. After doing this, you should start your 宠物的安排,如果你有的话. 例如, 你打算先把你的宠物搬到新的地方,然后再把其他的东西搬进去吗? Or do you plan on putting them in daycare while you move? 


即使你雇佣了一个完整的搬家团队,你仍然需要为任何事情做好准备. 所以,确保你早起,吃好早餐,喝大量的水. 这种方式, when the moving process starts, you will have all the energy!

And during the move, ensure that everything has a purpose and an order. So, 确保你先移动所有的大件物品,然后再抓住易碎或较小的物品. 

Verify that everyone is helping out and that they are hydrated, especially if you are moving in the summer. And anyone doing heavy lifting should be wearing the appropriate 避免受伤的装备.

一旦你把所有东西都装进卡车,你会想最后看一眼. 确保你没有在隐藏的地方,冰箱,壁橱,露台等留下任何东西. And if you were in a rental, ensure the place is clean with no damages. If it's not, you will need to pay for Property Management.

Moving Into Your New House or Apartment Rental

一旦你到达 新位置, you can start the final phase of the moving process--unpacking! This phase can be the most stressful part for many movers.

然而,如果你有一个固定的计划来执行你的行动,一切都会顺利进行. So when you first arrive at your 新位置, go inside your home. Look to see that everything is clean and clear from items. 

If it's summertime, ensure you turn on the AC if it's not already on. 如果你有宠物,先把它们抓起来,放在一个有水和食物的小房间里. 只要你定期检查一下浴室或壁橱就可以了. 

然后,开始把你的东西拖进去. Of course, if you used a moving service this may not apply to you. 但如果你没有雇佣搬家服务,确保你每个物品都有人处理. 

例如,孩子们可以得到所有的小物品,如海报,油画和椅子. Then, the adults can carry in bigger furniture like couches, beds, tables.

Once you have all the unboxed-larger items, start getting the boxed items. 记住把盒子放在正确的位置,这将为你以后节省很多时间!

一旦你把所有东西从移动卡车里拿出来,你就可以开始拆包了. 我们不建议在搬动你的物品的同时拆包,因为这会造成混乱. Instead, move everything in first and then begin to unpack.

Remember that everything does not have to be unpacked in one day. 你可以先买必需品,比如食物、洗漱用品、衣服和卧室用品. 一旦你打开所有的东西,记得回收任何盒子或塑料. 


Moving into a new apartment rental or house can be stressful. 但希望在阅读了这些有用的建议后,你会有一个更容易的搬家的一天!

如果你想尽快搬家, 今天悦博娱乐网 today to speak to one of our leasing agents.

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